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Our Services

We provide our clients with both Ongoing Monthly Services and One-time Fee projects.  So whether you need just a single short-term project, or a longer term monthly services arrangement, our services will fit with your needs and budget.

  • Sales Assistance – We can help with all stages in the sales process (Lead Generation thru Closing). We even take some of these projects on as commissions-based sales.


  • Marketing Assistance – We can help with both online and offline marketing initiatives.


  • Account Management – We have experience managing both very small business accounts and very large corporate accounts.


  • Project Management – We have experience managing large and small projects. It could be something as small as website updates, or as large as implementation of a very large multi-site corporate computer network.


  • Technical Services – We can help with product development, custom software development, websites, email, hosting, performance stats, etc.